We create experiences that live on.

Creation. Production. Connection.

We connect audiences to brand stories by producing powerful content and immersive experiences that have lasting impact long after the event, the campaign or the season is over.

Our Approach

We measure client relationships in decades, not projects.

VISION is more than just our name. It is the lifeblood of possibility and the fuel that drives us. Big picture thinking makes each new project an opportunity to challenge the status quo, break a barrier and propel the brands we work with to center focus. We take our work and our responsibility seriously. We don’t just deliver on our word. We exceed the vision. Every. Single. Time.

Our Capabilities

Technology has limits. VISION doesn’t.

We want people to feel the pulse of your brand, so we create experiences that resonate with your audiences—emotional connections that drive people to act. We meet them where they are with radical empathy. We offer them a different perspective. That sets us apart. To be able to capture a person’s attention and hold it is a rare thing—and to influence them, to challenge them to accept new ideas or join a movement is extraordinary. We are always thinking forward and testing the boundaries of what is possible.

Creative Content
Seamless Production
  • From expansive experiences to seasonal campaigns and standalone events, we can produce any size event and create content for any size screen. We make experiences live ON.

    • Live Events
    • Virtual Reality
    • Interactive Touch
    • Projection Mapping
    • Experiential Tech
  • We believe that sharing the right story through innovative presentation technology and engaging experiences helps build a connection between a user, a brand and the world.

    • 3D
    • Motion Graphics
    • Live Action
    • Editorial
    • Sound Design
Our Team

Wild Imagination. Thoughtful Strategy. Down to Earth.

We are people who believe that good enough isn’t enough. We’re trusted with high-profile, high-pressure work—and we trust each other to make it happen. We trust each other to deliver under a trillion different circumstances, under pressing deadlines and in an ever-changing landscape of technology, trends and business goals. And we do whatever it takes to exceed even our own high expectations. Together, we're creating experiences that live ON.

  • Tracey Shappro

    President and CEO

    A champion of VISIONary thinking, Tracey pushes the boundaries of what is possible to connect brands to their target audiences. She is a trusted partner that works alongside organizations to achieve solutions that maximize their impact.  Utilizing innovative technologies, creative content and experiential interactions, she and her VISION team deliver bold, engaging and memorable experiences that live ON.

    A two-time Emmy-Award winner and twice honored as “One of the Top 100 Producers in America” by AV Producer Magazine, Tracey has been the Official Production Partner for the Greater Houston Partnership and Producer of their renowned Signature Events since 2006.   She is a member of the Executive Women’s Partnership, a Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Alumni and serves as Marketing Chair on Holocaust Museum Houston’s Board of Trustees.

  • Dan Pratt

    Creative Director and General Manager

    A champion of design and operational excellence, Dan is a creative anomaly.  His design expertise, creative direction and eye for detail brings each VISION project to the intersection of wildly inventive and technically advanced – all produced in a manner of impeccable efficiency and fun.  His work awakens something in people. It begins with a visual connection and that connection makes them act. It goes beyond the moment they see the work – it lives ON—in people, in organizations, in communities.

    Having vision takes courage, to try a different perspective, something new.  Dan skillfully shares the right story through the right creative approach to create brand experiences that are artfully creative while still achieving business objectives.  Creative, strategic, talented and organized – a rare anomaly indeed.


  • Terry Vantine

    Senior Producer

    A client-communication wunderkind, Terry is a natural born producer and a champion of radical empathy. A multi-tasking hero with a style all her own, she’s the one to call for any project—large, small, complex or seemingly impossible.

  • Ruth Villatoro

    Producer, Operations Manager

    Ruth is a choreographer of the complex, strategizer of the unwieldy and manager of operations. A seasoned producer and multi-tasking champion, she magically transforms even the most challenging project into an experience where everyone walks away smiling.

  • Alli Burnett

    Junior Art Director

    Alli elevates the ordinary with the swipe of a brush and the click of a mouse. A painter, 3D designer and a motion graphics magician, she taps into her expansive art background and deep knowledge of digital tools to create the extraordinary.

  • Paul Castro

    Senior Animator

    Paul fuses the lines between technical prowess and artistic genius without breaking a sweat. A master of 3D animation and motion graphics with a true passion for his craft, he consistently pushes the limits of the latest software to see what’s possible.

  • Michelle Pardo

    Marketing Manager

    Maestro and voice of VISION’s brand, Michelle is a marketing maven—orchestrating content that mixes results and creativity harmoniously. She uses her gift of strategy and passion of digital marketing to champion VISION to the world.

  • Ivy

    Chief Cuteness Officer

    Ivy uses her natural gifts—a mix of cuddle strategy, under desk snoozing and her seasoned experience in adorableness—to win the hearts and minds of co-workers, clients and friends.

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